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Ice Maker Locations

If you are not sure where your ice maker is located use the guide below. The pictures below are a guide to locate the different ice maker locations but may not show your exact model of refrigerator.  

Ice Maker Location Location Description
Freezer Only

Ice maker and ice bin is located in the bottom freezer compartment.

FD Bottom Ice Maker.png

Refrigerator - Bin Not on Door

Ice maker and ice bin is in upper left corner of the refrigerator section.

FD Top Ice Maker.png

Refrigerator - Bin on Door

Ice maker is located in the upper left corner of the refrigerator compartment and the ice bin is located on the door.  

FD Door.png

Dual Ice Makers

Two Ice Makers - One on the door and one in the freezer section.

FD Both.png


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