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Clothing feels Damp at the end of the Dry Cycle

Possible Solutions

Clothing may still feel damp due to Smaller Heating Element 

Because the  Washer's dry function has nowhere to vent the moist air, your clothing may still feel slightly damp at the end of the cycle. However, try removing them OR let the clothes sit in the washer for 15-20 minutes to allow the drum to cool down. In most circumstances, the moisture will condensate almost immediately and will feel dry to the touch.

Also try the following when using a Wash & Dry cycle:

  1. Reduce the load size to only a few items
  2. Use "Regular" when selecting the drying cycle and "Quick" when selecting How to Dry
  3. Select "Extra Fast" spin speed if washing & drying 
  4. If the clothes still feel damp, set your dryness level to 'Extra Dry' on your next cycle


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