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How to use remote enable

How to use remote enable

This feature allows you to turn on the appliance (in Convection Bake mode) when you are away from home using your mobile device.

The following steps provide a possible scenario on how to use this feature:
1. Open the microwave oven door and place food in the microwave oven (if desired).
2. Close the microwave oven door.
3. Press REMOTE ENABLE. You should see an icon  Connected MHC Remote Enable.jpg light up in the display to let you know that the appliance can be turned on using your mobile device.
4. Use your mobile device to turn on a cooking cycle: 

Connected MHC Set Cook Mode.jpg

a. Only Convection Bake cycle can be remotely activated (i.e., no features using microwave or convection roast functions may be remotely activated).
b. While the microwave oven is set up and waiting for remote activation, the microwave oven door must not be opened. If the microwave oven door is opened while it is in “waiting mode”, then Remote Enable will be canceled and the remote enable icon will be turned off.


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