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Registration Error

Registration Error

If you are receiving the "Registration Error" message, please check the following items.

Is your home network connected to the internet?

In order to register your appliance the Smartphone or Tablet must be connected to the internet.  To test your connection, try opening an internet browser and try connecting to any website.  If you are unable to connect, your internet service might be unavailable and you will need to check with your internet provider.  

Do you have a firewall or any other network equipment installed?

If you have a firewall or other network equipment installed on your home network it may prevent the appliance from properly connecting to the internet. If the appliance is unable to connect to the internet, you won't be able to successfully register it. 

Is the appliance connected to the home network?

Before you can complete the registration process, the appliance must be connected to the home network.  If you need help connecting your appliance to your home network or router please see "Unable to Connect" section of this troubleshooting guide. 

Was the appliance previously owned?

If the appliance was previously owned follow the steps below


Was the SAID number entered correctly?

If the SAID number was entered incorrectly, the "Registration Error" will appear. Try re-entering the number again. 

Was the correct appliance type and model number selected?

At the beginning of the registration process, the appliance type and model number needs to be selected.  If the wrong appliance type or model number was selected, the "Registration Error" will appear. 

If you need help with your connected appliance please1-866-333-4591.



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