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The "Preferences" section of the app allows you to set up which notifications that you would like to receive.  A list of the available notifications are listed below. 

System Alerts

When your washer detects that something is wrong it speaks up and will alert you.  

Your notification will also include recommended actions on how to solve the problem.

Clothes Clean

Don't worry about checking the washer. When this notification alert is turned on, your app will alert you when the wash cycle is complete.

Oversuds Alert

Your washer is detecting too many suds. It may take longer as it goes through a series of rinses to remove the suds.

Overloaded Washer Alert

Your washer is detecting too many items in the washer. Remove a few items for your washer to continue.

Unbalanced Load Alert

Your washer is detecting an out of balanced load. Stop the washer and redistribute the load.

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