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Whirlpool Home Appliances

Washer Cycles

Washer Cycles

Is how you remote start your washer

Machine Cycles

  1. Select "What to Wash"
  2. Select "How to Wash"
  3. Pick any "Utility Tools"
  4. Change the "Spin Speed," if desired
  5. Turn the "Presoak" and/or "Extra Rinse" options on or off as desired
  6. Make your "Plus Clean" selections by turning the "Steam" or "Oxi" options on or off depending on your preferences
  7. Once you have finished making all your selections, click on the "send" button located on the top of the app

Download and Go

  1. Click on the type of load you are washing
  2. Click the "Send" button located on the top of the app

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