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Appliance is Offline - Mobile App Message

What to do if Whirlpool Appliance is Showing "Offline" in the mobile app?

If "appliance offline" appears in the Whirlpool mobile app, either the appliance is not connected to your WiFi network or is not interacting with the Whirlpool Cloud. 

  1. Refresh the mobile app. CLICK HERE for information
  2. Turn the appliance on and check that the appliance is connected to the local network
  3. Cycle power to the appliance. Disconnect power for one minute from the breaker or by unplugging the appliance. 
  4. Log out of the Whirlpool  mobile app and then log back into the  Whirlpool mobile app
  5. Check the mobile app for confirmation the appliance is showing in "Idle" status. 
  6. If the appliance is still offline in the mobile app contact customer service
Need additional help?

If you need additional help with your connected appliances please contact us at 1-866-333-4591.​​​​


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