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Understanding the Appliance Status in Mobile App

Appliance Status in Whirlpool Mobile App

Did you know that your Whirlpool mobile app can show you what is happening in real-time with your appliance? To see your appliance's status log into the mobile app.  Below is a list of potential statuses your appliance may be displaying. 

Idle Status

When the appliance is not running or in an inactive state, the mobile app will show "Idle." 

Operating Status

When the appliance is running or operating, you will see the appliance change from an "Idle" status, in the mobile app, to the cycle or operation that was selected.

Not Showing the Correct Status?

If the mobile app is not showing the correct status, swipe down from the top of the mobile device's screen to refresh the status. 

CLICK HERE for additional information on refreshing the mobile app

Need additional help?

If you need additional help with your connected appliances please contact us at 1-866-333-4591.​​​​



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