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Downdraft Ventilation Maintenance

Maintenance of your Whirlpool Downdraft Vent Grille, Grease Filter, and Ventilation Chamber

Follow these instructions to keep your Downdraft operating at its best:

Is the grease filter clean and installed correctly?  Is the ventilation chamber clean?

For optimal performance, operate the downdraft ventilation system with the filter properly installed. To avoid the buildup of grease, the filter should be cleaned regularly.

Location of vent grille, plenum chamber and grease filter on a ceramic glass top

Cleaning vent grill

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, ensure all controls are off, and the cooktop is cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products.

Food spills containing acids like vinegar and tomato should be cleaned as soon as the appliance is cool. These spills may affect the finish.

  • Lift off the Vent Grill/Grate.
  • Do not use soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, steel wool pads, gritty washcloths, or rough paper towels to avoid damage.
  • Soap, water, and a soft cloth or sponge are suggested first unless otherwise noted.
  • Wipe clean or wash in the sink: Use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad and a mildly abrasive cleanser. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Dishwasher: Use mild detergent.

Removable grease filter

The filter is a permanent type and should be cleaned when soiled.

  • Turn off the downdraft ventilation system before removing the filter.
  • Remove the vent grate and lift the filter from the vent chamber.
  • Clean the filter in the sink with warm water and detergent or the dishwasher.

Replace the filter

The filter is replaceable.

  • The filter should always be placed at an angle. As you face the front of the cooktop, the top of the filter should rest against the side of the vent opening.
  • The bottom of the filter should rest against the opposite side of the vent chamber at the bottom.
  • If the filter is flat against the fan wall, ventilation effectiveness will be reduced.

Ventilation chamber

IMPORTANT: Ensure all controls are off and the cooktop is cool before cleaning. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products.

The ventilation chamber, which houses the filter, should be cleaned in the event of spills or when it becomes coated with a film of grease.

  • Turn off the downdraft ventilation system before cleaning the Ventilation Chamber.
  • Mild household detergent or cleanser and paper towel, damp cloth, or sponge: Apply detergent or cleanser to a paper towel, damp cloth, or sponge, not directly to the ventilation chamber.

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