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Condensation Forming on Door - Countertop Microwave

Possible Solutions

Is there condensation forming on your Microwave door? Does the Microwave door look wavy?

High moisture content foods can create steam in the microwave which will condense on the door and cavity. This may cause the door to look wavy. This is part of normal operation, use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the moisture off. If moisture is noticed between the glass, allow the microwave door to stand open for approximately 15 minutes to accelerate the dissipation of the moisture. 


  • Covering food helps retain moisture, shorten cook time, and reduce spattering.
  • Use the lid supplied with cookware. If a lid is not available, wax paper, paper towels, or plastic wrap approved for microwave ovens may be used.
  • Plastic wrap should be turned back at one corner to provide an opening to vent steam.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to fix the moisture build-up on your microwave door.

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