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Convection Fan is Running During Non Convection Cycles

Why is my Convection Fan Running During Non-Convection Cycles

It is normal for the convection fan in your Whirlpool oven or range to run during non-convection cycles. Any gas/electric freestanding range or wall oven with convection may run during preheating or when using non-convection functions. This is to help optimize preheat times, provide uniform oven temperature, and provide better baking and cooking performance.

Convection fan of a commercial range is off        Convection fan of a commercial range On

Convection fan off                                 Convection fan on

When Does the Convection Fan Run? 

Normal operation for the convection fan includes: 

  • Operating during preheat for both non-convection and convection functions.
  • It will turn off when the oven door is opened.
  • During preheat or when the convection cycle is selected, the convection fan will come on:
    • Immediately for all electric convection models.
    • After approximately five (5) minutes for all gas convection models.

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