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Cooktop Element(s) Cycle Off and On

Element Cycles On and Off on my Whirlpool Cooktop

It is normal for radiant heating elements on cooktops to cycle on and off. This is an important feature designed to maintain the durability and safety of the ceramic cooktop. Here are several key points to consider:

Glowing Indicator: When the heating element is active, the surface cooking area may glow red. However, not all parts of the surface might exhibit this red glow even when the element is on.

Warming Zone: On models equipped with a warming zone, note that this particular element typically does not glow red.

Element Cycling: Radiant elements are equipped with a limiter that causes the element to cycle on and off, including when set to the highest temperature (HI setting). This cycling prevents overheating and potential damage to the ceramic surface.

Heat Retention: Even when the radiant element turns off, it retains sufficient heat to provide a consistent and uniform cooking experience. It's important to be cautious as the surface can remain hot to the touch.

Normal Operation: Cycling at the HI setting is a normal behavior and should be expected as part of the cooktop's operation to regulate temperature effectively.

Understanding these features can help you use your cooktop more effectively and safely. If you notice unusual behavior outside of this normal operation, consulting the user manual or contacting manufacturer support is recommended.

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