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Locating Oven Racks in New Range

Where are my Whirlpool Oven Racks? 

Congratulations on purchasing a new Whirlpool range. Depending on your model, the oven rack(s) will be found in the oven cavity, the warming drawer, or the storage drawer. 

How many racks does my oven have?

A standard 30" range typically comes with two oven racks, depending on the model. To determine the number of racks for your model, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Official Whirlpool Site and search for your model number.
  2. Locate the product information and click on "Specifications."
  3. Under "Oven Details," the number of oven racks will be listed. 

Addition oven racks can be ordered through our Purchase Genuine Parts site.

Tips for Rack Placement

The proper placement of oven racks helps you get the best results. Since heat and air movement differ throughout the oven, some cooking methods are better suited to the top, middle, or bottom. Watch the video below for tips on rack placement. 


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