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Filling the Dishwasher Water Softener

How to fill your Whirlpool Dishwasher's Water Softener

Benefits of buying a dishwasher water softener:

  • No investment in whole-house softener and having to carry heavy bags of salt.
  • Eliminates clouding and streaking of glasses caused by hard water.
  • Eliminates hard water stains and deposits in dishwashers.

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Filling the salt container

  1. Remove the lower rack from the dishwasher and unscrew the lid to the salt container located in the front left corner of the tub bottom.


  1. Add Water. IMPORTANT: BEFORE ADDING SALT FOR THE FIRST TIME, the salt container must be filled with water to the top of the opening (approximately one qt [0.9L]. Water does not have to be added with subsequent refills.


  1. Insert the funnel (provided) into the salt container. Slowly fill the container with dishwasher water softener salt. The salt container holds approximately 4½ cups (1.0 kg) of salt. As it is being filled, some water may run out.


  1. Stop filling the salt container when you no longer see salt flowing out of the funnel bottom. NOTE: You can spoon the salt out of the bag and into the salt container when it is close to full to keep any salt from spilling into the dishwasher.
  2. Clean any excess salt from the threads of the salt container opening.
  3. Screw the salt container lid on firmly.


  1. If the dishwasher will not be used immediately, wipe out any excess salt that might have been spilled.

When do I refill the salt container?

The dishwasher provides two ways to indicate when to refill the salt container (depending on the model).

  1. The center of the salt container lid will turn from green to clear.


  1. An "Add Salt" electronic message will appear on the dishwasher front display after the wash cycle has been completed, and it will stay on until the salt container has been refilled. A typical refill schedule is about once every 6 to 8 weeks if using the factory default dishwasher water hardness setting of 3, but can vary based on your dishwasher usage and cycle selections.


What type of salt to use? 

We recommend using Soft Spring™ dishwasher salt, part number W10320829.


  • Use only water softener salt specially formulated for dishwashers. Other salts may contain insoluble additives, which can damage the water softener.
  • Unintentionally using dishwasher detergents or other chemicals when filling the salt container can damage the water softener system.
  • The salt container lid must be firmly secured after filling or refilling the salt container

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