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Squealing or Squeaking Sound - Dryer

Possible Solutions

Squealing Sounds

Is the dryer level?

Check that dryer is level; if not, or if one leg is missing, it can cause the dryer to make a rattling noise.

Are there loose items in the dryer?

Zippers, buckles, buttons, and rivets on garments as well as loose coins, paper clips, pens, or similar items may be tumbling in the dryer. Always check and clear pockets before washing.

Does the dryer need to be cleaned?

Lint build up inside the dryer can cause some squealing and squeaking of the dryer belt and pulleys. This may require a service call to remove the back panel and to thoroughly clean the inside of the dryer. 

It is possible for small items such as coins, socks, etc. to fall into the lint chute housing and hit the blower wheel as it spins, causing a rattling noise. Remove the lint screen and look inside the housing for foreign objects, if items are spotted use a lint brush specific for dryers to remove the items.

REMINDER: We recommend always operating the dryer with the lint screen installed. 

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Is the dryer older? 

As the dryer ages, the belt and pulleys can wear, causing some squealing-type sounds. These components may require replacement to eliminate those sounds. Verify with an Authorized Service provider what parts should be replaced.


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