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Not Starting or Not Operating - Front Load Washer

Possible Solutions

Is the Control Lock on? 

If the control lock has been activated, the control will not function. If you try to push buttons, you may see the code "LoC" or "LC" (depending on your model). This is a reminder that you have set the control lock and need to de-activate it to allow the washer controls to function.  Some models will look like the following:   

The control lock may be a stand-alone key, or it could be a dual function key paired with another button like Extra Rinse, Steam, etc. Press and hold that button (not the text below it) for three seconds to unlock. The control may look similar to this:

Is the door locked upon installation?

It is possible for the washer to be unboxed and the door to be locked. For the appliance to operate, connect to both hot and cold water supplies, and connect the power.

CLICK HERE for more information on door locked at install

Is the water turned on?

Ensure the Hot and Cold water valves are fully open; both hot and cold inlet hoses must be connected for the washer to operate correctly. 

water valve.jpg

Is the door completely closed?

The door may look closed but not closed enough to engage the locking mechanism on the door.  Close the door firmly.  Once a cycle has started, it will take approximately 10 seconds for the door lock to engage. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Door Lock

Do you see a "3"?

Some models will visually show you a 3, 2, 1 countdown. You must press and hold the Start button until the machine turns on (approximately 3 seconds). See your Owner's Manual to see if your unit shows a countdown.

Is "Err" displayed?

The "Err" message will appear under the following situations: 

  • You attempt to change or modify the cycle while the washer is running.
  • You try to start a cycle while the door is open.

Is "dr" displayed?

The "dr" error code indicates that the washer has run for three consecutive cycles without the door being opened. To remove the code, open and close the door and restart the cycle. 

Is "-:--" displayed? 

If "-:--" is displayed, this indicates the cycle selection knob is pointing to a position that has no cycle assigned.  Reposition the cycle knob and restart the cycle. 

Verify that the Start button was held

The "Start" or "Push to Start" button must be pushed and held for up to 3 seconds.

Cycle Power

If you are still having concerns with your washer, try cycling power to the machine.  Unplug or disconnect power for one minute and plug back in.  

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