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Lights Blinking on a Stacked Laundry Center

Lights Blinking on your Whirlpool Stacked Laundry Center

Recently Installed?

If you recently installed, moved, or had a power outage, it is possible some of the LED lights may be illuminated after the initial power-up. 

Lid Lock Flashing

To allow for higher spin speeds, the lid will lock and the Lid Lock light will turn on. When this light is lit, the lid is locked and cannot be opened. When this light is blinking, the washer is paused. When this light is off, the lid can be opened. If you need to open the lid to add a garment after this point, the lid will remain unlocked during the entire agitation portion of the wash phase. The cycle will automatically pause when the lid is opened, and the cycle will resume once the lid is closed. The lid will lock before the spin phase begins. If you need to pause or stop after this point, you must press the START/PAUSE button and wait for the lid to unlock. The lid will only unlock after washer movement has stopped. Depending on when in the cycle you try to pause, it may take several seconds to several minutes for the lid to unlock. Press the START/ PAUSE button to resume the cycle.

Reset Controls

To reset the control, press and hold the Washer Start button for at least 10 seconds until all the display lights turn off. 


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