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Operating a Continuous-Feed Waste Disposer

How to Operate a Whirlpool Continuous-Feed Waste Disposer

All continuous-feed disposers have a two-piece stopper that acts only as a seal. To seal the stopper for holding water in the sink, insert the stopper into the disposer opening and rotate the center portion of the stopper until it drops into the seal position. Firmly press the stopper into the disposer opening. Additionally, when grinding food, the stopper can be placed over the disposer opening in the raised position, which will allow cold water to enter the disposal but keep food waste from being expelled. A wall switch is used to operate the disposer. 

If your disposer is activated by the stopper, you have a batch-feed disposer. For batch-feed disposer operating instructions, see Operating your batch-feed waste disposer.

Continuous-feed operating instructions 

  1. Remove the stopper from the sink opening and turn on a moderate-to-strong flow of Cold water. It is absolutely necessary that cold water flows into the disposer while it is in operation. NOTE: Cold water hardens greasy substances, which makes it easy to grind them into tiny particles. Cold water also keeps grease from sticking to the drain lines. If you have a double sink, make sure the faucet is positioned to the side where the disposer is installed during disposer operation.
  2. Turn the wall switch to the On position.
  3. Scrape food waste into the disposer opening.
  4. Position the stopper over the disposer opening to minimize the possible ejection of materials while grinding. Allow both the disposer and cold water to run after grinding is completed to flush drain pipes. Ground waste and water flow at an approximate rate of 2 seconds/foot in a pitched horizontal drain pipe. The water flow time after grinding will depend on the quantity of ground food and the length of the horizontal drain pipe.
  5. Turn wall switch to the Off position, and allow cold water to run for up to 15 seconds to flush the drain line. 

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