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How Long to Wait Before Adding Food to a New Refrigerator

How long to wait before adding food to a new Whirlpool refrigerator


If your Whirlpool refrigerator was recently installed it is recommended that you allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to achieve full functionality.  

This allows time for the Refrigerator to achieve the following:

  • Correct Internal temperature 
  • Properly chilled water
  • First batches of ice production

NOTE: Ice production will start once the Refrigerator is completely cool. The ice maker should produce a batch of cubes about every three hours and may initially take up to three days to fill the ice bin


Are the controls set correctly?

Temperature controls are preset at the factory to the "mid setting" which should be correct for normal household use. If your controls need to be adjusted, adjust the temperature one setting colder and wait 24 hours for the compartments to cool. Repeat this process until the desired temperature is reached. Refer to the "Owner's Manual" for instruction on adjusting the temperature.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.