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Leaking from Front - Front Load Washer

Possible Solutions

Is your Door Glass and/or Seal Dirty?

A dirty door seal (bellow) can cause a leak. Remove and/or clean any dirt or deposits around the inner door seal with a damp cloth. The door glass seals against the rubber seal; dirt or deposits can prevent a proper seal and cause leaks. Also, clean off any pet hair, clothing lint, or other residue buildups off the interior of the door.

Are there items stuck in or under the Door Seal?

Clothing items occasionally get stuck in or under the door seal. Always check the door seal after each use to ensure the drainage holes are not blocked or clogged. Remove any items that may have become lodged within the door seal.

CLICK HERE for more information about cleaning the door seal

Is the Dispenser drawer clogged?

A clogged dispenser can block the flow of water through the dispenser and cause water to leak. Manually remove the dispenser and clean any remaining detergent or additives that could clog the water flow through the dispenser.

Are you using Single Dose Laundry Packets?

If using Single Dose Laundry Packets (such as Tide Pods), be sure to follow all manufacturer's instructions. Place the packet inside the basket before adding clothes. Never place the packet in the dispenser drawer.

Are you using HE High-Efficiency detergent?

The use of non-HE detergent can cause over-sudsing. We recommend using only HE detergent. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the use of HE Detergent

Is the Dispenser drawer completely closed?

The dispenser drawer must be completely closed as water flushes through it during use. If not, it could leak from around the dispenser area onto the floor.

Is the washer overloaded?

Avoid tightly packing the washer and ensure all items are pushed into the washer basket.  Clothing outside the basket could get stuck inside the door seal or prevent the door from sealing properly and cause the washer to leak. 

Washer leakage due to cloths outside the door seal

Is the Washer Level?

Check to ensure the washer is level.  An unlevel appliance could cause leaking issues. 

CLICK HERE for information on how to level

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